Ask for a change in choices only

  • Meaning. Very first, help make your wider impact even more particular by the addition of some synonyms. After you say mad, do you suggest aggravated and you can troubled, or angry and you will frustrated? Or will you be very significantly more mislead or distressed than crazy? Once you say you might be upset, are you presently distressed and you will distressed, otherwise disappointed and you can depressed? More certain descriptors you can make use of to explain exactly how you may be perception, the better.
  • Intensity. Put modifiers you to accurately express the newest intensity of your emotions. Are you presently impact a small annoyed or a great deal? Slightly annoyed or majorly depressed? Be truthful here.
  • Years. Just how long are you currently effect that way? Will you be stressed since your most recent vacation, because your character altered, otherwise since that time you already been doing work right here? Maybe you have believed agitated getting weeks, to possess months or for days?
  • Cause and you can Framework.