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Over time, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, exactly who after shown in order to your one she is actually a vampire - Primitive

Over time, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, exactly who after shown in order to your one she is actually a vampire

Stefan grew up because of the a nurse about Italian courtroom, along with various personal tutors, if you're Giuseppe however abused Stefan, Stefan worried about his degree and you can presenting themselves once the a beneficial nobleman, being able he should work up to certain someone

Species: vampire Experience: Awesome power, very speed, super speed, extremely durability, immortality, extremely recuperation, mental control, enhanced thinking, head compulsion, telepathy, dream control, shapeshifting.

Stefan Salvatore was created Stefano Salvatore in Florence Italy into July 5th, 1490 so you can Conte Giuseppe Salvatore and his girlfriend Contessa Salvatore. Stefan is the younger sister out of Damiano Salvatore just who never ever preferred Stefan. Their mommy passed away whenever Stefan was three years dated, and also the youngest of one's Salvatore nearest and dearest was raised scarcely remembering their mom, just recalling this new voice regarding the lady voice plus the smell like this lady aroma. Stefan's delivery weak their mommy and you will she fundamentally passed away due to falling unwell when you're poor. Giued Stefan to possess his wife's death and you can already been striking him and in case the guy made mistakes, and if the guy embarrassed him ahead of the almost every other nobles during the Italy.

Annually just after their mom's dying, Giuseppe had other relationship developed toward daughter out-of an enthusiastic Italian number, Valentina. Giuseppe annexed the count's territory inside Italy. Valentina provided beginning so you're able to a guy whenever Stefan are 7, number of years shortly after she and you may Giued your Antonio. Stefan is type with the their young aunt, whereas Damon managed your such as for instance he previously Stefan.

Name: Stefano Salvatore Nickname(s): Stefan (everyone) Beginning Time: July 5th, 1490 Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Community: nobleman/aristocrat (former), nomadic traveller, senior school scholar

he had been the ideal gentleman and you can a little an intimate if it concerned wooing the students people into the possibility a of use ily this lady originated from.

During does mousemingle work the summer from 1507, whenever Stefan is actually seventeen, Baron von Swartzschild, good Italian language nobleman and you can a buddy off Giue so you're able to Italy off Germany with his younger, stunning dily to greatly help Katherine with her recovery away from a bad disease, which in fact had really weak the guy currently delicate condition. Along side weeks, Stefan and Katherine spent much time together and their dad's had began discussing the prospects out of you can easily wedding between your several. not, Stefan's cousin, Damon returned about unnamed college or university he had been attending, in which he stuck Katherine's vision in the attempts to gain payback facing stefan through it a rival having damon due to their vanity, pleasure and you can pride. stefan turned envious and you will unhappy from the damon's efforts from turning katherine for the a competition in which he and you can damon fundamentally shared with her so you're able to choose between the two of them to own just who she desired to become the lady partner. each of the fresh brothers provided the girl time for you determine, and also the evening just before she launched the girl bers and traded bloodstream that have your, as she got picked him, far in order to stefan's high joy. but once katherine established the girl into was in fact one another astonished you to she got chose both, whenever she provided her or him one another lapis lazuli gold groups, bands which would make it possible to include him or her regarding sunlight immediately following they over their transitions towards vampires of the underworld.

none stefan nor damon you can expect to deal with which, arguing one to she must select from the two of them and you will which they couldn't become great which have sharing her, far so you can katherine's dismay. from the bloodstream exchange that has took place between him and you can katherine, stefan visited be transform and you will improvements happening in his system and you will noticed that the guy longed alot more to own bloodstream than for average individual eating. in the long run, the guy visited katherine's chambers with damon along with her maid, gudren, who had told them you to katherine was by yourself from the yard. the newest salvatore brothers wanted katherine throughout the garden but would not discover the woman here.

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