He also means that identity ‘should be obtained or missing, sustained otherwise given up

Bauman (1996) identifies title since the a getaway from uncertainty, ‘the thing we seek out when not knowing out-of ourselves', a view supported by Spielbauer (1986): ‘Label happens to be ever more popular since an expressive term toward need to find stability and buy from inside the a fast changing industry

Galleries, memories and social name Regardless of if UNESCO provides a practical meaning out-of social term, it’s clear your terms name, cultural term and you will people are regularly included in a seemingly similar trend inside the museological and you may sociological books. ' Hallway (1996) prefers to utilize the identity ‘identification' as opposed to label, suggesting that this shows ‘a detection of some preferred source or common functions that have other individual or group, otherwise which have a fantastic, along with the natural closing out of solidarity and you may allegiance established in so it foundation'. . . personality is in the stop conditional, lodged within the contingency'. Quite simply, identity is not repaired, but changes after a while and you can circumstances, it’s ‘eminently flexible and you can revocable' (Bauman, 2004).